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Energy for Africa Affordable Quality Solutions Send a Free Request load shedding solution Affordable Load Shedding Solutions Stay connected. No more darkness. Choose your devices and we'll work out a suitable and affordable option for you. Send a Free Request Portable Inverter UPS The Ultimate Portable Power Bank A new innovative portable power bank 1000 watt with 80 AH LifePo4 built-in Lithium Battery for home load shedding and camping power needs. Check our products Power Your Home with Clean Solar Energy Our experts will help make your home partly or entirely self-sufficient Send a Free Request Commercial solar power installation Commercial Solar Installations Break Even after 3 years and save millions annually on your electricity bills. No job too big for our dream team. Send a free request

The Ultimate Load Shedding Power Solutions

Portable Lithium Battery Powered Inverters for South Africa

Best Solar Power Systems

Solar energy is the future to create clean energy and financial independence.


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Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

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Save from 20 to 100% on your monthly electricity bills.

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Let Us Help You Save Money!

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